Moncafé - Miscela Bar Espresso Beans Decaf 1kg

$42.49 CAD


Moncafé Decaf Bar Blend 1kg

With its distinct aroma, scent and taste, our coffee warms and delights our days; in short, the love for coffee is a “fatal attraction”. Moncafè has been creating its bar blends for a number of years and with great success. This blend is specially designed for those who, in a momentary pause want to enjoy an espresso or a delicate, unique and unmistakable cappuccino. The main purpose of roasting is to obtain a distinct aroma and taste. The selection of the best raw materials available and blending are a real art and the combination of different varieties of coffee gives the blend its taste and character. The recipe is obviously a secret to be kept well.

Product of Italy

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