Loison Panettone Limoni, Frutta E Fiori 600g

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Lemon Panettone

The Panettone Loison Lemons born from a meeting of love between two noble fruits, Solar expression of a treasure of our land. This panettone is made with IGP lemons of Amalfi , with a typical elongated shape and an important and intense aroma, and IGP lemons of Syracuse , precious for their juice and essential oils. Together they reveal all the strength of the sun in a thousand shades, thanks to the irresistible lemon cream that enriches the dough, while the pleasant presence of noble peel gives the panettone a freshness and a fragrance of rare balance.

Ingredients: WHEAT flour, Lemon cream (15%) [Glucose syrup, Sugar, Water, Siracusa lemon peels pgi (5%), Sweetened EGG yolk, Butter (MILK), Ethyl alcohol, Infusion of Amalfi limoncello PGI, MILK protein, Thickener: modified corn starch, Whey powder (MILK), Gelling agent: pectin, Emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of vegetable origin fatty acids, Natural flavors, Preservative: potassium sorbate, Natural colorant: yellow curcumin], Fresh EGGS raised on the ground in Italy, Sultana raisin (11%), Fresh butter (MILK) (9%), Sugar, Candied lemon peels and ground (9%) [Lemon peels (53%), Sugar, Glucose-fructose syrup], Natural sourdough yeast (WHEAT), Fresh EGG yolk raised on the ground in Italy, Emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of vegetable origin fatty acids, Wildflower honey from Sicily, Fresh MILK (1%), Fresh cream (MILK) (1%), Cervia whole marine salt, Cocoa butter, Natural Mananara vanilla from Madagascar* (0,2%), Natural flavors. *SLOW FOOD PRESIDIUM


  • Non-Gmo
  • Product of Italy

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