Aveiro Light Tuna Fillet Mexican Salad 120g

$4.99 CAD


Light tuna fillet in olive oil & Mexican salad.

Our light tuna chunks and fillets are handmade in the northern region of Portugal, Aveiro. This region is bordering the Atlantic Ocean and is known as a fishing community. The fish used for our tuna is called Skipjack which is fished in the Eastern Central Atlantic Ocean. Skipjack tuna is a smaller fish which contains the least amount of mercury compared to other types of tuna. Our tuna is hand processed and packaged in premium olive oil.

Ingredients: Tuna, red beans, sweet corn, olive oil, onion, piri piri, natural lemon juice, sugar, salt.

The ways to use tuna are endless. Tuna is mainly used in cold salads and sandwiches. It can also be a main dish accompanied with vegetables, keeping our quality olive oil and adding vinegar or lemon juice. Let your imagination guide you to a feast of a wonderful dish!

Product of Portugal


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